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About BLFI

The Building Limes Forum Ireland was established to encourage expertise and understanding in the use of building limes. BLF was established in the UK in 1992, The Irish regional in 1999, and formally Constituted as the Building Limes Forum Ireland in 2005. is affiliated with BLF UK. It is a voluntary organisation with no commercial ties, the majority being actively concerned with the repair of historic buildings and some in new build. The Building Limes Forum Ireland is based in Ireland, for members in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Forum acts as an information network, and publishes newsletters and an annual journal of the Building Limes Forum.

With the BLF UK, an Annual Workshop and Gathering is held each year, usually in the autumn. To date, these have taken place at York (England) in 1992, Buxton (England) (England) 1993, Rydal (Cumbria) (England) 1994, Edinburgh (Scotland) 1995, Cirencester (England) in 1996, Conway (Wales) 1997, Newry (N. Ireland) 1998, Isle of Purbeck 1999, Wye (England)2000 and Charlestown (Scotland) 2001, Kilkenny 2002 (Ireland), Bury St. Edmonds (England) 2003 and Lancaster (England) 2004. The 2005 Gathering is took place in Bergen, Norway.

The Forum’s Aims and Objectives are:

*  to exchange, collate and disseminate information, through publication of a regular journal and by holding meetings and conferences;

*  to encourage practical research and development through field studies, trials, monitoring and analysis;

*  to encourage development of appropriate industrial and craft skills and techniques;

* to educate building professionals, builders, conservators, craftsmen and women, and property owners in the appropriate use of lime in building through demonstrations, publications and courses;

to develop contacts with institutions and individuals outside the Forum and in other countries who have relevant experience or knowledge;

*  to pursue further appropriate avenues of interest to advance the aims and objectives of the Forum.


There is an elected committee of twelve, which manages the general affairs of the Forum. This comprises a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and nine other members. The committee may co-opt additional members. The conduct of the Forum is governed by a written constitution. Members are encouraged to participate in the affairs of the Forum. Committee members are elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. 

There are independent Building Limes Forums in other countries including founding organization in the UK blf, the USA and Scandinavia (Nordisk Forum for Bygngingskalk).

The address of the BLFI is::


c/o Irish Georgian Society 

City Assembly House 

No58 South William Street

Dublin 2


Web Site:

Charity Name: The Building Limes Forum Ireland  / BLFI

Charity Regulator Registration No. 20058654

Charity No. 16338 

CRO No. 408076

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