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BLFI Bursaries 2024

The BLFI offers an annual bursary to members to assist with training and education.


The application must essentially have an educational nature, practical or theoretical, and must relate to the use of lime. It could be used to attend a specialist course, either short-term or long-term, which could be theoretical and/or practical. It could also be used to undertake a specialist internship or practical experience master class. It is very open. The result should lead to better qualification and/or experience and a better understanding of the use of lime in construction. It should be relevant to the applicant’s work or future direction.



Up to €2,000 will be available per annum for a period of 5 years. 

There will be two bursaries of €1,000 each 

The process will be reviewed by the BLFI Committee after a 3-year period

If applications are not compliant with the terms of the bursary, they may not be awarded in a particular year. In such cases, any monies will go back into the fund for future bursaries.


Who can apply?

All individual members of the BLFI with at least 2 years of paid membership.


Corporate members: In the case of corporate members an individual in the employment of the corporate entity may apply while in the employment or in an apprenticeship/training scheme of that firm or organisation. As in the case of the individual member, the corporate membership must be current and in place for a minimum of two years.


In the 5-year period, a bursary cannot be awarded more than once to the same person.


What does it cover?

The bursary must be used to cover course fees/internship costs, travel and accommodation.

Successful applicants must submit a report, make a presentation, organise a demonstration or as otherwise agreed upon completion of the proposal for which the bursary is awarded.


Timescale for application

The deadline for the application will be announced shortly.

The Selection Committee will be made up of the full BLFI Committee and 2 external assessors.


Application Form

There is no formal application form. Please make an application to, giving full details of the proposal and a one-page CV together with a contact email, address or phone number. Canvassing the Selection Committee with disqualifying any application.




Committee Members 2023/2024:


Chair: Dermot McRandal Treasurer: Oiseen Kelly; Company Secretary: Grellan Rourke;

Membership: Shane Nolan;

Una Ni Mhearain; Damien Condon, Kevin Blackwood; Dermot McRandal; Henry O’Donnell; John Beattie; Paul Griffin; Brian Tobin


Administrator: Eszter Nadas



Previous bursary recipients include:

Eoin Madigan;

Jason Bolton;

Yvonne Doyle;

Triona Byrne;

Ken Curran;

Tom Pollard;


Visiting Duart Castle, Isle of Mull.jpg
Scholars and fellows with Stafford Holme
Triona sketching the Marble Hall at Holk
Triona learning how to do wattle and dau
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